Terms and Conditions


  • Children must be accompanied and supervised at Hanwell Zoo, by an adult (+16), at all times.

Educational Bookings

  • Class size refers to learners only. Additional facilitators are permitted.
  • Any health or physical concerns, which might impede certain activities must be disclosed before booking a school visit. It is the participants’ (or participants supervisors) responsibility to highlight any medical conditions which may impede, or be aggravated by, any experience.
  • Any allergies which might impede certain activities must be disclosed before booking. Please be aware that most activities take place outside in a planted and/or grassed area, and some of our animal feed contains nuts. Where possible, we are happy to make alterations to accommodate differing requirements.


  • Waiver of Liability – Hanwell Zoo expects all participants and visitors to behave and/or be supervised in a manner accustomed to a zoo. Signage and warning signs must be observed, and staff instruction must be always adhered to. Failure to do so suspends Hanwell Zoo from accepting liability for the personal loss, injury, property loss or damage of you or those under your supervision.
  • No dogs or other pets at allowed on any zoo premises at any times. 

Data Protection

  • All of your personal details will be held with the strictest of confidence and will never be passed to a third party.